Seeing my earlier works is like meeting a friend from the past and remembering the beginning of the friendship. I can remember where I was at that moment and what I was thinking about.


2019   Paintings Listasalur Mosfellsbæjar; Iceland
2019   The Muse Munich, Berlin, Mannheim, Sylt, Hamburg; Germany
2019   The Muse Paris; France
2019   The Muse London; England
2019   The Muse Dornbirn; Austria
2017   Iceland Colour Symphony Libbsclas Gallery, Offenburg; Germany
2017   My Model/Mein Akt Ófeigur Gallery Reykjavík; Iceland
2017   Colourful Nudes Toskana, Munich; Germany
2016   Made in Reykjavík Anarkia, Kópavogur; Iceland
2016   Fín Sýning Nordic House, Reykjavík; Iceland
2016   New Works Kraftwerk, Munich; Germany
2015   Colors, No Problem Norr11, Reykjavík; Iceland
2015   Back from Venice Goldberg studios, Munich; Germany
2015   Difference on Identity In conjunction with the 56th, Venedig Biennale; Italy
2014   Moonlight at Noon Listasalur Mosfellsbæjar; Iceland
2014   4 Icelandic Artists Galleri Tornby, Denmark
2014   Fünfundzwanzig Farben Pasinger Fabrik, Munich; Germany
2013   Sunshine during the night Galleri Anarkia; Iceland
2013   Fünfundzwanzig Farben Bad Reichenhall; Germany
2013   N/ ICE/ LAND/ MUN/ ICH Gallery KASU, Munich; Germany
2012   Nude and More Gallerí Listamenn, Reykjavík; Iceland
2012   Bodies Mokkakaffi, Reykjavik; Iceland
2011   Sporadica Ravenna; Italy
2011   Plants, vegetables, fruits & various kitchen appliances Rvk; Iceland
2011   Framed and unframed nude and other still life München; Germany
2009  Konur/Women Mokkakaffi, Reykjavík; Iceland


1998-2000 Iceland Academy of Arts, Iceland
2002-2007 Reykjavik School of Visual Arts, Iceland
2008-2011 Atelierprojekt, Munich, Germany
2010 International Summer Academy of Fine Arts, Salzburg, Austria
2011 International Artists Symposium, Pöchlarn, Austria
2011-2013 “Study in Colour Painting” Professor Jerry Zeniuk, Germany
2012 Seminar “Abstrakter Expressionismus”, Professor Günther Förg, Germany
2013-2014 “Master Class”, Professor Jerry Zenuik, Germany


Sævar Karl is a member of the Association of Icelandic Artists / Sim
and Myndhöggvarafélagið / Reykjavik Association of Sculptors MHR


Sævar Karl Ólason (b. 1947) has in recent years delved into the world of painting, developing his visual language with great fervor. He studied art in his native Iceland as well as internationally and has in particular focused on the study of model drawing. Over the years, Sævar Karl's art has reflected different influences; either figurative, abstract or somewhere on the border between the two. Lately, his emphasis has been on large-scale abstract paintings, which he paints both on traditional canvas but also on found materials such as vinyls intended for billboards. This results in a special texture in the works, which is highlighted with painting techniques where thin and matte color layers resonate with thick and glossy ones.
The work that was chosen for the journal cover this time is untitled and from the year 2014. It indicates further contrasts that the artist seems to enjoy putting together. There you can see the interplay of dark and light tones that emphasize three-dimensionality and depth in the image surface. One color overlays another, and although painted with free and powerful brushstrokes, vertical and horizontal movements appear to form a systematic network, or web. In the background, the darkest tones form a backdrop lifting the warm and bright ones to the surface. In many places you can see that the paint has leaked and you can also find entire splashes. One gets the feeling that rigor and swing characterize the creative process of such works and cannot help wondering that it might be fun to be a fly on a wall in the studio. This colorful painting measures 195 x 200 cm  and is painted with various traditional and non-traditional materials on canvas.
Sævar Karl has always been involved in the arts. For years, he ran a showroom in connection with his clothing store, which became a well-known venue in the Reykjavík art scene. He has also been collecting art with his wife for a long time and an exhibition of their collection was held at Gerðarsafn in 2008. Sævar Karl now lives in Munich, Germany or Reykjavík, Iceland. He has studios in both cities and recently held an exhibition in the Art Gallery of Mosfellsbær which he called Moonshine in Broad Daylight. This is where the painting in question was on display. Ahead is participation in a group-exhibition in Venice that will be held this summer while the city's popular art biennial is underway.
Markús Þór Andrésson
Markus Thor Andresson is the Chief curator at Reykjavik Art Museum


Catalogue for the exhibition 
„Nude and More“
„Paintings 2013–2015“
The catalogs can be ordered at saevarkarl@icloud.com
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